• Elizabeth

6 Ways To Support Small Businesses During COVID-19

As a small business owner, I can attest that we are all a little (a lot) worried. When this is all said and done, many of us will never open our doors again because we couldn’t make it. However, with some help from you, we hope and pray to serve you guys again. I sat down and thought of 6 ways to help small business owners during this scary time.

1. Buy a gift card. A gift card can be purchased now and used later. A gift card is a bill we can pay. {P.S. I offer gift cards!}

2. Shop online. Many of us offer our wares and services online. By shopping online, you can still get the product you enjoy from the safety of your home.

3. Hype us. Sharing our posts on social media is amazing. During this time, I’ll be offering graphic design services. Maybe you don’t need that, but maybe someone on your friend list does.

4. Ask if they’re offering pick up/delivery. Many restaurants are now offering pick up and delivery since their dining rooms are closed. I’ve heard of some small shops doing this also.

5. Pre-pay/Reschedule. I know a lot of the service industry is getting requests for refunds. Consider rescheduling instead of asking for a refund, or ask if you can pay now for your next appointment.

6. Be kind. Like you, we are stressed to the max about our business. Limited cash flow directly impacts our family. Please be kind to us as we keep up with changing rules, looming bills, and sadness for the people suffering from this horrible virus.

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